Only hardcore lifers left in market

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    Like buffet and rogers, these guys been in wall street for over 50 addicts for life. the ones who leave keep coming back...hardcore wall street lifers...stuck in wall street here to they new blood in the market..they say a sucker is born every minute,,but the suckers are no longer sucking the candy laced with poison. or the suckers are dead broke.
  2. IF you two clowns wanna be (not to be confused with wannabe) effective name-droppers, THEN a modest suggestion would be (again not to be confused with wannabe) to spell your scapegoat correctly.

    Adds a touch of credibility.

    However, those smiley faces adhere to the adage "a picture is worth a thousand words". SEE::D
  3. Buffet is big business. he does not represent any thing to do with the common man.
    Buffet has been a main driver behind this Obama Hi-speed rail push.
    Who benefits from the rebuilding of 1000's of miles of new railroad track? Anyone who owns a railroad will benefit.
  4. The monied elite took a step to the side and let the country go off a cliff. Buffett, Ross to name two. I'm all for capitalism, but at 77, what's Buffett taking with him? A mind snapshot of Liz Clayman's cleavage?

    They stepped aside and let the public die. If you guys aren't out there talking to common people, you'd better be. Because after three years of this shit, no one has savings. No one has health insurance. Many are driving without car insurance, and they blame Wall St. the powers that be know a revolution is coming. They know it, and privately talk about it.

    I'll give you one example I have before never seen. In Florida, the elite communities have a cop per every six people. Parameds are almost doctors. In Palm Beach, the cops are basically to bring the old wasps at the Everglades club women. Yet, this week, the Town cut 9 positions, parameds, firefighters, and for everyone else, they cut retirement and healthcare at retirement. I have never seen that before. That's probably a function of Madoff. I've talked to many Madoff victims. Brutal. And you know, I'm doing great. and it is such a hollow victory when I see friends whose husband's deserted them, do not send money, and these single moms, beautiful, intelligent women, stuggle with 8 bucks in the bank trying to hold on to a life. As one told me , 'when the money runs out, love flies out the window. And that's the fabric of American life.

    But, the point of this is, the people who built themselves a guru reputation could have come out and preached fiscal responsiblity. They could have told the populace the serious of this problem at the latest in 08. And what did they do? They let the country die. Because, if you think this is close to being over, you are sadly mistaken.
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    Whaaaattt?? C'mon, a couple more rounds of bailout and everything will be fine, ask anybody...