Only Gore Can Stop A Meltdown

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    March 6, 2008 -- IF AL GORE can pull himself away from saving the planet long enough, he might want to consider rescuing the Demo cratic Party from the clutches of utter self-destruction.

    Campaigning against an unpopular war in Iraq, a sputtering economy and a disappearing dollar, Democrats cannot lose in November.

    But wait! They're Democrats!

    "The only reason we ever lose is when we beat ourselves," one nervous Democrat grumbled yesterday as the primary dogfight dragged on.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton has made it clear she won't quit and no one expects Barack Obama to exit - and so on to the Denver party convention they go, viciously attacking one another all the way.

    Forget the red phone for a national-security crisis. Where is the red phone for a political party trying to destroy itself?

    And where is the party leader with the respect, stature, wisdom and influence to answer the crisis phone?

    Former President Bill Clinton has a slight conflict of interest, not to mention that his wife's campaign now has him sequestered in a secure, undisclosed location until the election is over.

    Virtually powerless Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean is a screaming castrato still regarded suspiciously by the party establishment.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who won her post promising the end the war in Iraq? Still waiting for that to happen.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is in a political pickle.

    His top two lieutenants - Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin - are not just split on this matter. They are Clinton's and Obama's loyal seat mates in the Senate and top campaign supporters on each side. Schumer's for Hillary, Durbin for Obama.

    Living together as the Odd Couple in a house on Capitol Hill doesn't ease tensions between Schumer and Durbin, aides say.

    If Reid picks one candidate over the other, his leadership team collapses and sets off a terrible power struggle in the Senate.

    That leaves Al Gore as the only person with the experience to answer the red phone and force a peaceful end to this civil war.

    The inconvenient truth is that the red phone is now ringing and Al Gore hears it. The only question is whether he has the guts to pick it up.
  2. I thought this was from the Onion at first but I see it is from the NY Post. Getting hard to tell the difference these days.

  3. :D :D

    Yep, Murdoch is certainly hard at work.

  4. Typical democrat nonsense. The "only way" democrats can lose is "beat ourselves." How about losing by nominating leftwing moonbats who push policies that the majority of Americans find abhorent?

    Their great hero Bill Clinton never received 50% of the popular vote, and he ran against two stunningly bad candidates, George "Read My Lips" Bush and Bob McCain Dole.

    Gore? He couldn't carry his own state against a guy democrats fervently believe is too dumb to breathe on his own. The only way he could win is if voting is restricted to LA and NYC.
  5. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) warned the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Thursday that it is facing the “biggest train wreck you’ve ever seen” if a standoff is not resolved over his state’s pledged delegates to the party’s presidential nominating convention.

    Nelson warned that if the DNC does not pay for a new primary and if the delegations are not seated, Democrats could very easily lose Florida, which has long played a key role in deciding the winner of the general election.

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    So if they lose fla and ohio with obama, the democrats will have entered the twilight zone or china syndrome or whatever you want to call it.
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    The biggest problem the Democrats have is those last few seconds every voter has just before they pull the lever.

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    LA and NYC??

    Perhaps you are forgetting that Gore WON the national popular vote in 2000. Hardly the mark of a candidate who can't draw votes.
  8. He couldn't carry his home state. And he still can't.

    But really, I wish he would be nominated in the back rooms of the convention. Then you would have blacks and women alienated by the process and staying home.
  9. LOL LOL LOL... if this comes to fruition willl you guys then wake up?

    it may not... but it sure looks like it. mich and florida get tied up in the courts. economy collapses.... no clear winner at the convention, bring in Al Gore who they will say should have rightfully won in 2000. offer obama the VP slot. media fake pundits sell it hard.... hello global carbon tax. don't count this out.

  10. This thinking that "if we only had the right people in office to run the economy" then the housing finance collapse can be contained and the economy will be turned around is a farce.

    The laws of economics and physics will prevail.
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