Only freeloader losers will vote Obama?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by crgarcia, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Why would anyone in his right mind like too see taxes increased to the sky...

    ...with this money spent to feed lazy freeloaders?
  2. Why would anybody want to see thier tax dollars going to Haliburten,Blackwater, Oil companies,and the military industrial complex ?
  3. You are a simple minded person.
  4. Why does every left wing wacko answer a question with a question?
  5. You're right.Its a simple decision for me.I would rather see my tax dollars go to college grants(which bush has cut benifits),better veteran benefits,health care for every American etc then to billion dollar companies like haliburten,Exxon,blackwater etc

    funny McCain voted against the Webb bill to increase veterans benefits and the bush administration pays 200 a day to most soldiers fighting on the ground in Iraq,yet the same Bush administration pays 1,000 a day for a black water soldier(blackwaters owner happens to be friends with the bush family) and BILLIONS to dick Chaney's former company haliburten who gets thier jobs with no bid contracts.
  6. I'm not a left wing nut,my first choice was Ron Paul
  7. Good point.

    But eh,hmm you are guilty.
  8. That was actually a rhetorical question.
  9. You are a Ron Paul guy????
    You better study Libertarian concepts before you talk about what you would rather see your tax money go to.

    You are a very, very simple minded person.

  10. Yes I am a Ron Paul guy,and I am very familiar with the libertarian platform

    I never said I supported Obama's left wing agenda,I said I'd rather them over McCain's agenda
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