ONLY for Scalpers (Micro Traders)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by OkComp, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. OkComp


    Given the animosity towards scalping in this forum I propose that scalpers list some info to show the degree of their success.

    Inform the rest of the forum of:
    - Instruments traded (stocks/futures/currency)
    - Trades per day (RT)
    - Average time per position
    - Average points earned
    - Average Success rate
    - Approx capital
    - Average return per day/month/year
    - Years of experience using this daytrading strategy
    - % of commission & spread paid in relation to revenues

    Please refrain from posting if you are not a scalper and willing to contribute to this questionnaire. If you still have the urge to comment, start a new thread linking it to this one
  2. My recent 7 scalps Target 6 ticks Stop 6 ticks:D
  3. Given the overwhelming tendency of "traders" on ET to lie, exaggerate, misprepresent themselvesw, how is this going to have any validity???

    On ET, "traders" confuse sim/paper trading with "real money", confuse reading "Trading for Dummies" with being a 7 year guru, and confuse a 4-week lucky string as "I am a successful trader."

    In fact, a lot of failed traders fancy themselves as teachers. And every now and then when a fake comes along with an opportunity like "trade my money", these ET paper traders throw themselves all over it with the desperation and intensity of an escaped convict at a brothel.