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  1. Any thoughts on the price action for the next couple of days? It looks as though AAPL will go slightly higher for a day or two (Wed.and Thrs.). This will probably be a short term top followed by a pullback, but I do not hold to this projection or any other projection for that matter.

  2. AAPL will accelerate and zoom to 650. Short and simple.
  3. I have my biggest position to date (ever) in AAPL APR20 options. I am neutral to ~624 on the shares. The term-structure will blow-out in APR/MAY as well.
  4. I am sorry you lost me. What do you mean by "The term-structure will blow-out in APR/MAY as well?"
  5. What are you basing this on?
  6. endless supply of greater fools?
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    you saw the top today for this week, its going to trade down for the long weekend. remember this have weeklies, the price action will be stagnant.
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    My biggest position as well.
    But I am the 600 line and 630 lines (600 was ATM at the time)
  9. Neutral to 620 now. Long gamma?
  10. atticus you long the apr fly?
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