Only a Republican congressman would get caught in an airport with a handgun

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  1. Boy, that musta been embarassing...

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A U.S. congressman was briefly detained at a Kentucky airport Tuesday after authorities found a loaded gun in his bag at a screening checkpoint, authorities said.

    Rep. John Hostettler, R-Indiana, "completely forgot" he had the gun in his bag as he prepared to take a US Airways flight to Washington for the first day of work after a two-week recess, a spokesman for the congressman said.
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    Look at it this way though, bung:

    Only a democrat would get caught in the Oval Office with a fat chick!:p
  3. These folks should be really pissed off when they compare their treatment:

    Air passenger charged with having plastic knife
    he had to appear in court...

    TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - A Georgia woman caught with a small knife and a box cutter at Cherry Capital Airport was fined

    Jeraldine Bieg, 62, was arrested when a loaded .25-caliber handgun was found in her carry-on bag as she was returning from a family vacation
    "Handcuffs are pretty uncomfortable, especially with arthritis,"

    It's good to be one of the king's men:D :D :D loaded gun/ congressman:confused: :confused:
    "Administration officials detained but did not arrest the congressman"

  4. :D
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    But, at least he had fun. (I hope)

    Hey, what I'd like to know is how many __haven't___ had sex in the White House with some one other than their wife:D

    In earlier days there was just less hypocrisy, is all.

    If you went through history and wanted to exclude all leaders from office who ever had sex outside of marriage we'd probably still be living on the trees.