Only 5 Republicans Support War Funding Bill

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  1. "The vote was 226-202, with only five Republicans voting for the bill and 32 Democrats opposing it.

    The Pentagon has said that without the bill the Army could start running out of war funds as early as July. President Barack Obama has pushed for the package, arguing that it is crucial to his efforts to wind down operations in Iraq while boosting personnel and fighting power in Afghanistan."

    House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., unsuccessfully appealed to Republicans for support, saying 80 percent of the package still went to the troops. "Stand up for them," he said.

    My, my how times have changed.
    I never thought that I'd see the GOP being weak on defense and the WOT and not supporting our Troops!

    How shameful.
  2. Democraps probably disguising another bailout scam and some

    repubs did not want to go along in the name of defense.

    You can bet there is more here than meets the eye.
  3. Well the bill passed.

    We should support the troops by bringing them home... taking care of them and finding them new employment if necessary. We shouldn't be risking American lives to maintain an Empire throughout the world. We shouldn't be risking American lives in Iraq when it had nothing to do with 9/11 nor did it have any weapons of mass destruction. We should have the 50,000 troops return from South Korea so they can enjoy life in the US, start families and be great civilians. The guys that want to continue to be in the military should be protecting us on American soil...perhaps protecting our borders. We shouldn't deploy American troops to solve other country's' problems.

    It's such a shame how Bush also cut funding for veteran's services.
  4. WASHINGTON (CNN) — The House passed a $106 billion supplemental funding bill for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Tuesday on a narrow 226 to 202 vote after all but five Republicans and 32 Democrats voted against the measure.

    Last month, 168 House Republicans backed the bill, but GOP leaders urged their members to oppose the version that passed Tuesday because the Senate added $5 billion in guaranteed loans to the International Monetary Fund.

    The bill also included $1 billion for the "cash for clunkers" program, a program designed to provide incentives for drivers of older vehicles to purchase newer, more environmentally friendly vehicles.
  5. most of the democratic leadership voted for the Iraq war before they voted against it ... (ie; started openly hoping for Bush's failure)

    hell, Obama voted against the one measure that has proven successful, the Surge.

    there were a huge number of conservatives vehemently against the Iraqi invasion, but once started, vehemently supported our troops and success.

    An Afghan war is unwinnable ... but I somehow doubt Ted Kennedy will begin screeching comparisons to Viet Nam
  6. Some Republicans???
    Man, your math is horrible.
    Either that, or you need to take the blinders off.

    Last time I checked, there were 178 Republican seats in the House. Only 5 Republicans supported this Bill to support the Troops.

    No matter how you try to slice this or "spin" this, it's downright shameful. The GOP doesn't even know what it stands for anymore.
  7. How much will REALLY go toward defense that is my point.

    with the stunts being pulled lately, I would not put anything past them.
  8. What's sad is that jackasses on both sides of the aisle utilize important funding bills to such as this to tack on their petty bullshit projects that cannot stand on their own.

    How the hell does cash for cars, money for the IMF, or any of the other bullshit items in the bill relate to money for troops at war.
  9. Your problem is that you are either unable to read, too lazy to read, or suffer from extremely poor reading comprehension . . . Or do you always comment on an issue without having a BASIC understanding of the FACTS?

    $80 billion of the $106 billion from the war funding bill goes to U.S. military operations. Another $10 billion goes towards development and security aid for Pakistan and Iraq, as well as for Mexico and the nation of Georgia.

    In other words, 85% of the Bill that the House passed goes towards US. military operations and the War on Terror.

    But 173 Republicans did not vote for this most necessary funding for the Troops.

    Stop making excuses for the GOP on this issue.