Only $40 billion of .85 Trillion stimulus will goto new infastrcuture

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  1. And here I was hoping I was going to see some real transportation improvements.
  2. Everytime Obama spoke of a stimulus package he would urge the need for spending on infastructure. What a surprise to find that only 5% of the spending is going towards that...
  3. Changing the skin color of the country's alpha dog politician, is not change that I can believe.

    Traders can translate the above statement into when you see strength, short it.
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    Anyone that thinks Obama will put a stop to business as usual in Washington is unfortunately going to be dead wrong.

    This guy is nothing more than your typical politician, who happens to be a more captivating speaker. In fact, I'm not even sure he's committed to the liberal ideology (fine by me since I don't agree with that ideology).
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    if that is true -- I will stop saying that I did not vote for him, but so far he is doing a good job.
  6. ... of threatening the dollar's value with ever more unbridled government spending.
  7. I guess you have become "numb" to all of these bank "bail-outs" . . . $40 Billion is still a lot of money devoted to transportation . . . $30 Billion of which solely goes towards highways. That's still a TON of money!
  8. If that is true.....................they are just manufacturing a deep depression to get in a deep WW3
  9. Although I don't have the specific numbers, I thought I heard today that there is more money set aside for lawn improvments than for small business.
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