Only 4 Americans left on Forbes's billionaire list

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  1. Forbes's list shows wealth expanding in emerging markets around the globe, with Russia overtaking Germany as the second- richest country, and 70 percent of newcomers from Russia, India, China and the U.S. In 2006, half of the top 20 billionaires came from the U.S. This year there were only four Americans.
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    Americas biggest export are jobs (wealth).

    A close second is technological know-how.

    This helps all the little Chinese and Indians get rich off from our accumulated R&D.

    Point of fact - most outsourcing agreements (ie contract manufacturing) transfer technology to foreigners - forever - in exchange for cheap product.

    American Corporations haven given away jobs and technology for money.

    Very savvy.
  3. I bet the Rothschilds always get a laugh out of these lists. :)
  4. Why?
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    But, hey. Look on the bright side.

    In about 50 years or so, when the Chinese have built a viable consumer economy from the torn flesh of our own, they'll buy from us.

    Because then we'll be the New China (dirt poor) and they'll be rich. Brilliant!
  6. I bet the Rothschilds always get a laugh out of these lists

    And Marc Rich and the rockefeller.
    this kind of list is just for entertainment.
  7. You forgot debt and the subprime mess. :D
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    Yea, we're good at screwing people.

    Truly our Fathers children.
  9. many billionaires avoid publicity.

    the guys on forbes list are normally the publicity hounds.

    It's a very poor representation of reality.


  10. Yep, eg Mr T Petterfy, who made his billions from all the commisions Ive paid IB over the years is not on the list.
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