Only 1 Futures Daytrade per day: $200-$1,000 profit goal per day

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  1. Only 1 Futures Daytrade per day: $200USD-$1,000USD profit goal per day...

    Looking to start trading this Monday July 21st:
    Contracts looking at trading to achieve this:

    DAX 2,000 Euros daytrade margin
    FTSE 674 British Pounds daytrade margin
    YM $300 USD daytrade margin

    I want to make 1 highly profitable trade per day and make $200-$1,000 per day

    Will trade:

    1 contract of DAX
    1-2 contract of FTSE
    1-10 contracts of YM....

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  3. The phrases "looking to start trading" and "$200-$1000 profit goal per day" is a horrible horrible combo.

  4. Just do it and then post ur blotter
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  6. Let us know how it went .... :eek:
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    decreasesoon, love the handle :D
  8. great welcoming guys. This is why no good traders post on these forums. B/c of this garbage
  9. Are you even vaguely familiar with increasenow?

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    Love it.
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