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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Westsidetradin', Jan 20, 2002.

  1. Has anyone heard or takin any of there courses?

    I am looking at taking the series 300 course next week for 3 days @ $1350, looks to be like a great souce of info to get started in trading.

    Any opinions ?
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    $1350 is alot of money for any trading class. Took a look at the schedule for the series 300. Seems like all you are getting is an introduction to order routing, level 2, and ECNs. With a brief intro to technical analysis and a couple of hours on risk management. You can probably find all this info on this website for free.

    Nothing beats real experience. You are probably better off spending some of that money on quality books(look at the reviews on this site) and saving the rest towards your trading account(and being prepared to lose it all).

    The biggest danger of courses like these is that you might take it and become overconfident. Everything looks easy in a classroom environment. Maybe if this class cost $100 it might be a good intro for newbies, but not $1350.
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    on the hard right edge website there is an order routing table. It is very complex but it might be smarter to understand that chart than to pay someone a lot of money to spoon feed it. Besides after learning what everything on that chart means you will probably decide that you will want to have most of your nasdaq trades go through redi or arca or if you are really paying attention you may find that going directly to island when island is there may be a little faster--- but risker in case someone takes it first. You may decide to pay up a with a nickel or two cent limit depending on volatility. If your a bottom fisher you may put in a bid a dime below the market and be ready to cancel if the momentum is too strong. Vice versa for shorts.

    SuperSoes made routing choices a little less complex. If you are trading NYSE you will usually go Dot. If you are trading the QQQs or the spys you may go Island or arca. Of Course if people using your broker say that their best ecn route is better than redi use that route.

    Now send a few bucks to a charity. By the way if anyone knows better please enlighten.
  4. what is the site address for the course??