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    I'm extremely new to all this and have heard of some trading software by Online Investors Advantage called "onlinetoolbox". anyone heard of it? recommend it? any help would be appreciated
  2. You can only access the service if you sign up and pay for one of the company's investor education workshops. The service is good. It actually aggregates a lot of information that you would normally have to get from several places. If you understand the company's system, it works a lot better for you.
  3. Oh my, Mark Pasay and Dexter Nivek are two newbies who registered within the last 2 days and are having a conversation with each other. Coicidence or planetary alignment?

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  4. FOr a completely different "New" service that he would like all of our expert opinions on. I have decided that busting spammers is more fun than trading this shitty market.
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    Checked ole dexter's other post as you suggested. Amazing. Gee, I think I'll sign up for both of the services these two brand new guys are talking about. :eek: I trust them, I know they mean well and they're only trying to help....
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    Your sarcasm is quite entertaining however I have no idea who this other "new" guy is and in all sincerity I was simply looking for some advise on some trading software that I had been pitched on last week at an investing seminar.

    Thanks anyways.
  7. Sorry to tell you, but I really hate your "???".
    Moderator suggests that we use the KILL button to get rid of your post.
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    Fine. It's not like I'm getting much help here anyways. Besides I just purchased the software yesterday despite everyones helpful input.
  9. Didn't know asking for input was a crime. I know about InvestorToolbox because I live only 30 minutes from the company's corporate headquarters. I also know the founders. As far as my other posts, if you don't like 'em, don't read 'em.
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    No need to get touchy dexter, not like you have an established track record to provide some perspective. Your very first post was an answer to MarkPasay, and we've seen this enough times on the board where two new people will hype a product by starting an "innocent" conversation about it. Maybe you were, maybe you weren't....

    Then 3 minutes after your first post you made this post:
    Again, we've seen this a multitude of times on the board where a brand new poster will hype a product by making an "innocent" inquiry about it (listing the website address, of course). Again, maybe you were, maybe your weren't....

    Hopefully it was all innocent, and that you intend to contribute to ET. As in most things in life, time will tell. But people here will read your posts and if they think you are spamming they will point it out for all to see.
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