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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by DuyLe, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. DuyLe


    any recommendation for a good online training course in equity trading?
    what are the top sites?

  2. Right here - ET:D
  3. If you are new to trading, definitely take a look at the free Basics of Trading course at InformedTrades.

    I'm not too big of a fan of paying money for individual trading courses. You never know how useful and up-to-date that information will be. I think it can be a lot more helpful to simply follow trading blogs or watch what traders do live in trader chat rooms like the StockVision one and then ask questions.
  4. joe4422


    Or do something crazy and examine historical charts and teach yourself. Since 95% fail, I'm not sure why you want to learn the same crap that every one else has learned.

    And believe or not, before internet execution, and everyone having access to all the great charts and indicators, the percent that lost was actually lower.
  5. DuyLe


    What are some good blog sites or live chartrooms? I couldn't find stockvision...

  6. .... i.e. the Politics and Religion forum

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    a stupendous prostate finger in the bum test section .... Forex trading forum

    an acting university ..... Journals section

    and the owner of this Munificence is a fellow with the opposite philosophy of Obama - i.e. 'don't need to change a fckin thing"
  7. olias


    This is good advice. Don't pay for any trading courses. Time and time again you see a review of some overpriced course where the purchaser later found out that most/all of the information in the course was available for free online...just been repackaged. You gotta wonder if you see a course that purports to teach a simple method for consistent profits, why on Earth would they be selling the secret?