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  1. qlai


    Was flipping through channels and came across long infomercial about Online Trading Academy. Looks like they're targeting retirees. One woman was saying she was paying her medical bills thanks to them. They use word INCOME multiple times. WTF!?
  2. Overnight


    Caveat emptor?
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  3. clacy


    It’s providing income for the Academy.

    All others are net losers I’m guessing
  4. zdave83


    Had an acquaintance go there ... they teach how to use basic research & trading tools ... obviously not the same as how to reliably make profit.
    Income? (which assumes no financial downside) ... ha ha
  5. It is very evil to target retirees as victims. When retirees lose their money, they cannot recover from the blow. Whoever makes money off retirees should burn in hell.
  6. maxinger


    I have attended numerous trading courses.
    when there are lots of too-good-to-be-true testimonials, coaches tend to have
    excellent PR and communication skills and tend not to do live trading.

    As far as I know, virtually all testimonials (that sound too good to be true)
    are fakes, nonsensical, useless, worthless, untrustworthly.

    Always hide testimonials so that our minds are not contaminated.
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