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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by DT-waw, Nov 15, 2001.

  1. DT-waw


    Does anybody have any experience with this firm:

    Now they offer "Auto Trading Program". Here's an email from them:

    "System Traders take a look>>> There is finally a fully automated trading solution available for Futures Traders. You can now build your trading system and PerpETrader will send your orders automatically.

    NEW! Hands Free Trading! PerpETraderTM!

    You don't have to press any buttons. Let your system trade for you!

    Program your strategy in EasyLanguage (or other systems)

    TradeStation issues the signals (or other platforms)

    The Broker receives & executes them automatically (no buttons!)

    All through the magic of PerpETrader!

    Finally...Hands-Free Trading!

    PerpETrader can be used to help manage the emotion of trading. You do the homework, it does the rest.

    Execute trades at lightning speeds through eExecutionTM technology. eExecution bridges the gap between your trading system and the trading exchange. Within seconds trades are executed direct from your trading system and are expedited to the trading floor."

    They answer my question about margins and commissions on 26 Oct 2001:
    SP500 Emini day margin : $2,194 ( very low compared to IB's $4313 )

    Emini commissions: $9.90 all in rate r/t ( round trip ).

  2. dkamp

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    Last I checked, PerpETrader only worked with older versions of TradeStation, using Zap Futures as broker, but perhaps they've expanded beyond that.
  3. DT-waw


    Does it work with Tradestation 2000i? Anybody knows?
    Looks like Tradestation 2000i is one of the best programs for system backtesting & developing.

    Another big issue is what's the best broker for fully automated system trading. I will start a new thread about it.

  4. ajax_g


    Last February or March IB announced that they partner with Trading Technologies to create a full scale trading platform.

    Does anyone know what happened eversince?

    Did they make that platform or still work on it?
  5. def

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    trading technologies announced a restructuring of their business and thus the deal is off.