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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jr07, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. jr07


    Forget books....

    Are there any good/decent real life trading courses out there that can be taken online?

    I'm talking about real traders taking the time to teach what they know, in a hand in hand fashion and through the web.

    Ideally and irrespective of the cost, I'm looking for a seasoned pro that could spend a full day with you doing live trading, with perhaps some theory up front and some post-market analysis.

    Does this exist?

  2. I think it sounds like your willing to ignore books at your own peril.

    Perhaps you have not read the right ones.

    Best of luck to you and your search

  3. Brandonf

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    I'm not really familiar with anyone right now who offers what you are looking for.

    I used to, and Toni used to as well but it's a lot of work.

    I think that Bo Yoder has been considering doing something like your talking about, but we'd want to get a group of 15/20 people and it would probably be a $2000/$3000 program. It takes a lot of time/effort on his part to do it, and a lot of time/effort on my part also to put together the material to sell it. I just put together one for marketing folks, it was the first one I've ever did and I'm not a "big name guru" in the marketing world..mostly I work with clients and don't sell courses..but I couldnt believe how much work it was. It brought in nearly $50,000 for me, but I doubt I will do one again as it was a ton of work and distracted me greatly from everything else I'm doing. Obviously your interested in trading, not marketing..but the point is that it's a ton of work for someone to put on what your asking for. I suspect that's why it's very rare.

    Tradingmarkets might offer something similar to what you are looking for..there are a lot of guys on that site with a variety of products. You could check there.

    ChaosNsx has also just started up a chatroom which I think he has taken back to it being free. So far the feedback I have seen from people has been positive, so you might want to check that out too.

  4. Eschaton


    Search for Robert Hoffman. He's the real deal, unlike a certain "snake oil" Oscar.

    His trading room is only $395 a month, and it is trading with real money. He doesn't do hand-holding though, he teaches you to trade for yourself. He does live commentary every day and records his trades.

    If you don't have the money then you can watch his FREE youtube videos

    Hope this helps you :)
  5. dank


    You might also look at I signed up with them and I've been very happy with their program. They have a live one-on-one coach, as well as several chat rooms.
  6. Always amazes me the number of honest, helpful 1st-time posters that appear when someone asks a question like this.

    Loads of credibility :)
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  8. jr07


    Thank you all, indeed as one poster wrote there is indeed some valuable, helpful folks out there.

    And I have read some books its just that its all theory, no practice, and when its go live time the practice isnt reflecting what the books are saying!

  9. This guy is a scam. All his comments are screened. Only happy comments are postedon YouTube.

    Ask him to provide his track record. Ask him for some proof he is profitable like a 1099 from 2008.

    Go to his chat room and start asking questions about Robert Hoffman, you will be banned so fast your head will spin, TOTAL SCAM.
  10. Amazing indeed.
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