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Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Aug 16, 2001.

  1. Fletch


    Same old stuff.... it took about 30 minutes to browse through the booths... not a whole lot that was new.

    The expo is mainly geared towards newbie retail traders. I saw notes that a few people were taking at a demo by John Bollinger... "black candle + white candle = buy". Wow... it's soooo easy!

    I did manage to meet up with a few traders I know on chat and happened to sit at the same table with rtharp at lunch. Probably the best part of the expo is the people you meet. The rest is pretty much a waste.


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    Oh come on now Fletch, I saw you taking notes ;)
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    Enjoyed the Expo, my first. Made it to a few tutorials including Linda Bradford Raschke's which was excellent (it's obvious that woman has a remarkable feel for the ebb 'n flow of the various markets), Tony Oz's which was very interesting as I'd read The Stock Trader, and Ted Tesser's which was useful (tax info and suggestions).

    On the main floor enjoyed talking to a few of the folks from CyberTrader, RealTick, very surprised by the limited IB display, and sorely disppointed by Echotrade's complete no-show. Caught a bit of Bright's harangue (the word bombast comes to mind and I can only take him in small doses), ignored many of the presentations which were geared to awe the retail traders, got to flip thru some expensive books and manuals that I've thankfully avoided, and saw some fine flat-panel monitors. :)

    All in all, well worth the time and I'm sorry I wasn't able to catch a few more of the tutorials. Didn't know about this thread or I would have setup a few meetings with fellow traders! Next year...

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    My email got screwed up because of a MS Outlook glitch, so I never even got the mail you sent about calling you on the cell until I got back. Sorry about that.

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  7. Baron maybe we will meet in New York in 2002 than.

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  8. rtharp,

    Did you see that babe in Richard Rueb's booth? I bet my four-month-old grandson would love to have lunch with her, or is it have her for lunch :) I must have cruised by the DTU$A booth at least 15 times on Sunday ...

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