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Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Aug 16, 2001.

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    Starting tomorrow, I'll be snooping around at the Online Trading Expo for the next few days, so be looking for my special report this weekend on the newest products and services that the trading industry has to offer.
  2. where is this expo at?
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  4. Turok


    I'll be there on Saturday. Might be fun to put some faces to the names. Anyone want to grab lunch?

  5. .

    I'm meeting with Richard Reub to discuss my next talk in December for DaytradersUSA so you will see me at that booth.

    My classes are

    1A 2E 3B 4F 5C 6E

    Wasn't sure about different classes and just picked them randomly. Anyone in any of my classes?

    I'll be there all weekend.

    email me and I'll be happy to meet with you

    Robert Tharp
  6. js1257


    Is it worth staying for the keynote address? Am I going to hear anything worthwhile?
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    >Am I going to hear anything worthwhile?


  8. Baron

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    I can do lunch on Saturday. Just email me or post to this thread if anybody wants to hook up.
  9. Baron , Turok sent you both emails with my cellphone so we can meet. If others want to meet email me.

    On will you get anything interesting at the expo. I like going with an open mind. Just one idea can be worth millions to me.

    Think of this. If I gave you a dollar and you gave me a dollar we would have gained and lost. We be no better....

    but if I gave you an idea and you gave me an idea. Now I've gained an idea and so have you. We have 2 ideas and are much better off.

    So yes you can get something out of Expo.

    Just have an open mind. If nothing else try to figure out who the successful traders are who are attending and network with them.
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    Tom Ascher, EVP at IB (former -vice chairman at CBOE) will giving a talk in the new options analytics program at IB. Feel free to introduce yourself or if you want an intro or contact details, let me know.
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