Online Trading Expo (Feb 27 - Mar 3) - NYC

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  1. Since I only live an hour away from NYC, I was thinking of attending all day on Saturday and Sunday. My question is: How can this whole expo, as well as a lot of the courses, be free? I'm a bit skeptical here, having never gone to one of these before. A lot of the classes look really good too and are taught by reputable people. I'm just trying to understand how this can all be free?

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  2. cashola


    Having been to a couple of the shows by this outfit I can assure you that much of the "payment" for these erudite pundits comes from the self promotion that is pandered during the seminars. Steve Nisons' $600 candlestick video...mcmillans option course and workbook and the countless $300+ per month training and mentor services. 2001 was busy and of some interest...2002 was slow as I guess the class of 2001 lost their nuts. This year ...who knows ...just practice your spanish to get a good quick exit parking spot in the lot across the street.:D
  3. nkhoi


    supply and demand law, no demand for paid events so they are free.
  4. marc,

    it is the same way any of these 'expo' events make money. the companies who exhibit pay to do so. its marketing for them. i attended last year and it was worth it.



  5. marc,

    honestly, i only attended several free classes. one on options by larry mcmillian, one by tradestation, and one by some computer sp system seller. the larry mcmillian seminar was a total WASTE . he did not impress me at all, in fact i lost all respect for the guy. the tradestation seminar was good, i learned much about how to use the software, met the founder and staff, and was impressed with it. the computer sp system seminar was a total WASTE. i walked out halfway thru, after the presenter could not answer a simple question. remember, you can check out the classes and leave if you don't like them. the reason i liked the seminar was the ability to finally meet the authors and vendors---- its a real eye opener ! seeing someone face to face its easier to tell if they are legit or not. i am going again this year for the same reason.


  6. wahoo


    I have never been to this expo. What is the deal with brokerage/pro firms exhibiting? What exactly are they exhibiting? I'm sure I can approach a table and learn more about the company, but at the same time will they also be recruiting in a job fair type manner?

    The classes look great and I look forward to reading what people have in the past found worthwhile.

    Happy Trading.