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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by cscott, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. cscott


    This thread is about the best ways to make money through investments and/or trading online.

    Let's name some of the best instruments that people can invest and/or trade online. I'll start:

    1. Savings account
    2. CD's
    3. Mutual Funds
    4. Bonds
    5. Stocks
    6. ETFs
    7. Foreign Exchange Spot Market
    8. Futures (Commodities)
    9. Options
    10. Indices

    Got any to add?
  2. peto


    Saving account sounds boring to be frank.

    Trade CD's eh? Top plan. I got a Bay City Roller greatest hits, also '80's Supergroups'(various artists). Could sell on e-bay but let me know if we can do a trade here...
  3. cscott


    I'm talking about FINANCIAL instruments, not trading CDs or Ebay. I don't do that. Sorry.
  4. What about Vinyl records, are those on the market as well. I got your old classic rock up to your new hip-hop and trance. You can't get any better than the pure sound of Vinyl and a needle. :D

    But seriously....

    Online poker? I play 10 dollar max no limit games, and I can bring in some money on that, that is usually late night activity.

    Sports betting? I only ever bet on PITTSBURGH STEELERS winning the Superbowl for 80 to 1 odds.... The problem? I only put 10 dollars ugh.... but my team still took it all the way ;)

    Horses? Um, that is over my head, I personally don't know how anyone makes money on that crap, but good luck.

    Ebay? Supply & Demand people. For example, my step-brother buy an Xbox 360 for $400 and sold it back then for about $470. Do that a few hundred times, then it could be worth it.

    Classic cars? Requires money, but could make a good chunk of change later on.

    Baseball cards? Well.... that barry bonds card could have been worth something, maybe it still is.

    Your own business? Pay people to do work for you, so you can make money, I guess that works.

    Become a Stripper? Eh, nevermind....

    I don't know how well these qualify, but... yeah.... whatever.
  5. peto


    Sorry to see you changed your mind about flogging cd's, I'm sure there was mileage in that idea.
    Horses? buy and sell 'em. The Aga Khan does it, but then he made most of his money selling big cookers.
    Start a spread betting company...sorry illegal in the usa.
    Own a utilities company then get elected Vice President?...ok in the usa.