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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jcstylin, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. jcstylin


    I was just wondering if anyone has gone to any of the schools and taken any courses from the Online Trading Academy. I'm looking at the emini course, it is like $4000.00 bucks and just wondering if it was worth the money. I have a couple CDs and i like them but just wondering if the information that i recieve in the class is better than the CDs. I was also looking at a course by Chris Curran if anyone has any info on this as well it would be appreciated.

  2. 4re


    Not trying to be critical since I don't know this Chris Curran but I doubt if he has any ES strategy that has not been discussed in detail right here. This is just my opinion but that 4K would be better used in your brokerage account than in Chris' pocket. There are a couple of threads right here where people discuss their strategies and make live calls. If you set up an account and get a free simulator you can sim trade until you get the hang of it and then start out very small with one contract. You will probably be better off and really learn the trade game than you will be by paying some guy 4K for some learning material that you can get for free.

    Good luck with your trading,