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  1. mjh


    Has anyone had any experience with them? I am going to their free seminar this week in Chicago (new office) where I am sure that they will pound me to sign up for their 7 day school for 4k.

    Would like to know if anyone knows anything about them??

  2. jtnet


    i torrented some of their "DVD's"
    some decent stuff for beginners to get used to the lingo and certain strategies.
  3. Tuneman


    you have a linkage to the torrent?
  4. Robzebr



    I went to the week long class for equities in July, 06. I had been using Esignal for a demo account and was going to wait until I went live to go to the class. They convinced me that I would be better off taking the OTA class now this way I could use what I learned immediately in my demo account.

    I am glad that I did. My trades improved significantly. If you are going for equities and you can do it take the full week.
  5. Do these guys have options info as well? I'm not going to pay 4K for their classes, but I might check out some of those torrents. :)
  6. Google the term and take your pick.

    A chuckle as there's some "turnabout is fair play" here. Years ago when I discovered these guys online, my computer was practically crippled the few times I went through OTA's web pages. They had mug shots of three guys, I think, who were touted as the site's web gurus. They must have inflicted some type of brutal cookie/tracking/spyware on unsuspecting visitors. Haven't bothered to go back since.
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  8. I might have to check that out, although I try to stick to the free sites like:

    etc, etc....

    I just can't bring myself to pay for options info. I feel like I'm getting scammed. Most of it isn't any better than the free stuff anyway....

    In your opinion, how does the academy stack up against the free stuff?
  9. In addition to the above, and after an ET Search for similiar quality sites with options education, you may also want to ask Maverick74 (after checking his option-related posts) for his opinion in addition to what's on his firm's education page: to include: - online education.
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    I can only speak for the equities class. Reading the free stuff is like wanting to learn about car mechanics and buying an Auto Repair book from Barnes and Noble.

    Going to a week class is like helping a master mechanic rip out an engine and a transmission over the course of a week and putting it back to together.

    Where do you think your time would be better spent...?
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