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    They are headquartered in Irvine, California.

    I went to their free morning sales pitch...err...I mean seminar.

    Has anyone actually been to their week long stock day trading class?

    What have your results been? Worthwhile? Are you making money or not?

    I can't find anything substantive on ET or anywhere on google.

    What about other trading schools, like Fausto Pugliese at Cybertrading University?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Those who can trade,trade.Those who cant,teach

    You don't see guys like Buffet,Soros,Rogers etc hosting seminars
  3. Gantra


    There are many examples of people who are successful who do teach.

    Several traders/investors of note come to mind including William O'Neil, Larry Williams and Gil Morales.

    And there is alot of logic to teaching in addition to being a successful investor/trader. A successful trader/investor who teaches is being paid for doing what they are already doing anyway. Who doesn't want to make more money?

    Plus some people honestly enjoy helping others and the rewards that come with teaching and mentoring.

    Anyway, i received a solicitation via the mail from Trading Academy and was wondering if going up to Irvine was worth the effort. If it's just a big sales pitch, then i think not.
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    If you believe what you just wrote, then send in your money.
  5. eagle


    There are plenty of valuable resources on ET. If you had searched and didn't find any, you just need to PM to moderator to point you out to the right direction.

  6. Redneck


    I went through the 7 day Pro trader classes in Texas, and I've attended several other of their events

    I do recommend them (professional education, that does not pretend trading is easy, or give you a special indicator, or tell you which stock to trade)

    Ask anything you like and I will respond later today - They treat trading like it's a busuness

    No I am not personally / professionally associated with them - so use them or not

    Forgot to add - Stay away from Pugliese - IMO he is a BS artist, and you will be waisting money - I did
  7. I think the Brights teach and trade. I can't say I have personal knowledge, but I'll bet there are quite a few smaller successful shops that the head trader teaches, or the people he/she trained teach. Old saying, but mostly irrelevant. Flight instructors are pilots who can fly and are building hours usually to move up to the next bigger plane. The guys who train at the airlines are guys who flew and decided to take on training. Etc, etc....
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    I went to their free "workshop" this past tuesday. I was expecting a sales pitch, but was willing to at least hear them out before I decided on which prop shop to possibly train/trade with (after doing some research here - found out many of these places are just churn and burn and I want to learn as much as possible before risking money with leverage)

    anyways, back to the topic...

    There was no sales pressure, they were very informative, they allowed us to view the people in the Protrader week long class in next doors classroom and to ask them questions during our lunch break. The couple people I talked to seemed to think it was worth the money (one guy was a trader on the side, lost 50k last year and said the course was worth every penny, and he was only on Day #3)

    I fig most of the online reviews might be b.s. so I came on here to find out more. I am debating if I should sign up for their next week long protrader course for $5,000. It starts this sunday and before I call them tomorrow to commit I wanted to hear more feedback from you guys as well.

    What do you think? They go over actual working knowledge and what to look for both on technical and fundamental, what you really need to know/look out for before you even get into a trade/start trading.

    Of course theyre out to make money (10 traders a week on this class alone amounts to 200k/month for them) but a big perk is you can take this course over and over as much as you want over the course of your life. They are affiliated with Trading Station, and you will get a discount on your trades with Trading Stations published commission rates till your $5,000 you spent has been recovered in discounted trades.

    BTW anyone have links to the torrents? I've been googling with little/no success. If I could dl the dvds, I would probably hold off on their week long course till next month so I can brush up on my own first.
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    Everything you need to know is here... on

    use your search button located at the top right corner of this page.

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    So I don't get long winded - post the questions you have about OTA / the 7 day course and I'll answer them

    May be later this evening - but I'll respond

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