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  1. hello, i would like feedback on online tradeing sites(rooms) i am fairley new to tradeing and i am looking for a room to join paid or not paid some one who will explain and walk me through trades. thanks
  2. trading, not tradeing.

    fairly, not fairley
  3. Sorry i am talking about tradeing not spelling I will view your posts and correct you when needed it will be my pleasure to do so! By the way do you have any answers to my question.
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    Specifically what kind of trading are you looking to do? (Stocks, options, futures, forex...?)
  5. Stocks,thanks
  6. Useful replies, not nitpicking on someone's typing or spelling skills.

    Glad you never made a typo in your life, on your posting activities.
  7. Tommy,

    you can either or spend thousands until you learn the hard way that most of them don't work, and the ones that "do" work do so via trickery (like posting the maximum profit during a trade, rather than the final result. Or claiming better entries or exits than subscribers get, etc. etc.

    In other words, stay away from them. You ill learn more from, a book at $30, then $200 a month plus your losses until you realize it is worthless, from online rooms.

    And if you see people PMing you or responding "no, no, this one works" then it is either a newbie or someone shilling for the site.

    Seriously, bud...
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    Sorry but I'm not really familiar with any Stock Trading Rooms; however, if you ever become interested in trading futures, I know specifically of a room that really helped me when I started and still does now.
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    url][/url] It the only live stock room that make sense. Run by real prifessional traders. Not phoneys in there basements or tricky conmen. Tjankyou. Stay away from pure sin and logical trading anything
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