Online Sports Betting?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jsmooth, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. jsmooth


    Anyone have advice on what online sports books to use and deposit/withdraw methods? I've been using for the past few years (with neteller), but since that site got shut down i cant figure out a way to deposit anymore? I've tried using Credit Cards but i keep getting denied. Anyone have any advice for online gambling, or does anyone know if you can place bets in vegas, and cash the winning tickets outside of vegas? (say i fly to vegas, place some march madness bets, is there any way i can cash in the winning tickets without going back to vegas)? This crackdown on online gaming is just driving me nuts, i'm almost considering renting out a cheap apartment in vegas during march madness.
  2. tszpara


    Withe the port security bill passing last Sept most sites don't accept U.S. players anymore.

    Even it they do Neteller is no longer an option.

    I've heard BoDog (not sure if it is .com or .net) still takes U.S. players but you need a debit card to make a deposit.
    I'd open a separate bank account just to be on the safe side.