Online PropFirms/Paid Simulation to Pass Evaluation.

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    What of free evaluation?
    Do they exist?
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    Peter 10, answer probably is NO, the only one which are "NO evaluation fee" are sort of "True prop" or in other words those Firms that are genuinely hunting for talent based on either education or exp. or those who fund others purely on "First loss " concept and are NOT in business of " collect fees from 1000 and fund only few" model.. but hey there are suckers in every game so say no more:banghead: , what is $200 for a " Evaluation" among friends .
    Why so cynical? you may ask ... IMO
    1) The "controversial business model escapes all scrutiny by regulators
    2) sounds good like "Bringing trading to the masses" oh how nice and lofty
    3) Dont have to disclose how many exactly got funded!

    Having said all this there might be some who do genuinely trying to find talent but unfortunately the industry is maligned becasue of these operators AKA hamster wheels and all then are painted by the same brush
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  6. If you are looking to not put up a risk deposit, all of the firms listed here will start you very small accounts with not great commissions, etc. If you don't have much capital, this is of course the only way to go. If you go with larger firms like T3 and Maverick Trading, you will have to put up a deposit but have much more trading capital and better commissions and software fees. If you are a decent trader, you are likely better off putting up some of your money to get access to more capital and more support. If you are fairly new, probably best to try to lose as little as possible until you become seasoned.
  7. Earn2trade seems to be the most fair of them all. Wish they offered a quicker eval but I understand they need to see how the trader trades over a certain amount of time.
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    Adding Another which atm is pretty good, Apiary Fund. Maybe the best one of them all with education, training, funding program etc.
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