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  1. Hi all,
    I'm giving up on online poker. Blew through 2k in half a day. i think it's rigged. Any suggestions about the best way to get started in this from you experts would be appreciated.
    I want to practice first, then I've got 5 k of easy money to use.
  2. mogul


    money management 101:

    start at the lowest $ table you can beat
  3. Whats your user name.. hopefully you play party poker :D
  4. If you first play poker correctly thats half the battle...electronically speaking :)

  5. Ive had some bad experiences in ring games too. They say there is no collusion but Ive been playing for many years and saw too many odd plays in online ring games to be comfortable with. I do play tournaments and if they are rigged, they are not too good at it because I do pretty well.
  6. I just got back into it after a break. I'm up 50 bucks in 3 days on the nickel tables. Funny how it quickly adds up. Ok, so I'm still down about 500 overall after a year of playing. I chalk it up to entertainment expense. :p
  7. yahoo messenger is a wonderful thing....

  8. What site were you playing on, and what size blind tables were you playing at?
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    My best friend does it for a six figure living and has never colluded with anyone or worries much about it.

  10. I'll take his money too

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