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Discussion in 'Options' started by AJJ, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. AJJ


    To all option traders,

    I am looking for experienced option "traders" to test and comment my new online option calculater.

    The "" is an advanced and free to use online option calculator for analysing option strategies and,or portfolio's with up to 80 options in combination with underlying equity hedging.

    Hope this free site could be of use and has your interest.

    Regards, AJJ
  2. stoic


    I think I got to the right site.

    couldn't get it to work at all!!!
  3. byteme


    Hi AJJ,

    1) Remove the ads. If you're caught posting links to a commercial site or a site with ads on, you may have your posts removed by ET admins.

    2) Not a bad start but functionality is very basic compared to other tools out there - nobody would pay for this.

    3) When adding multiple option legs you need a dialog box instead of relying on the user to enter data into the data grid.

    4) When adding multiple option legs you need the option to add commonly known spreads easily e.g. vertical, butterfly, calendar.

    5) This tool is only really going to be useful once it can integrate with a data source and automatically tell you what strikes, expirations are available for the underlying selected.

    6) Remember, it's often more about the sizzle, not the steak. Look at Spark skinning/themes - your app looks very Flex 3 Halo.

    7) Think about adding a position graphing for expiration risk profiles, greeks etc. - AXIIS may give you some ideas on how to implement this.

    Good luck.


    Look at the thinkorswim desktop platform for what level of functionality people can get for free.
  4. Danshirley.... Thank you for the link!!!!!!!!!!!!