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  1. What are the competing leverage ratios out there today. I know FXCM offers 50:1. Are there any brokerages with higher ratios?
  2. my broker (ib) gives you 40 to one, that is more than enough rope to hang yourself

    most USA bucket shops give you 50 to 1

    if you go offshore you can get 500 to 1
  3. offshore, I doubt I would see any account profit back.

    Any other names?
  4. 50 to 1 in USA, I think that's the law
  5. not if you're an American and resident in the US

    many EU brokers offer up to 500:1 , and at least one 'Russian' broker 1,000:1

    of course you could always try futures, the 6E day trade margin is $500 and the M6E
    just $100:
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    Oanda Europe enables you to trade with maximum leverage 50:1.
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    Hi SunnyIsles,

    FXCM's US entity offers 50:1 leverage to comply with US regulations. However, if you live outside the US, then you can trade through one of FXCM's international entities that offer higher leverage and have the added advantage of offering trading in CFDs for gold, oil and stock indices. As always, it's important to mention that when you trade forex or CFDs, your capital is at risk. Leverage magnifies both your gains and your losses.

  8. The US regulations are really strict and I cannot think to trade with these limitations. I mean the leverage is one thing but FIFO regulation is making it even more difficult to trade.
  9. yes, I would recommend that someone like you just get a job
  10. Offshore is the way to go. Just don't get involved with a 3rd world country broker and you will be fine. I have access to 500:1(i never go that far or even remotely close) and the company is located in a very prosperous country. I do, however live in fear that one day I am going to get the e-mail about closing my account due to US regulations.

    A long time ago I used to have an account with windsorbrokers. Nothing was wrong with them but one day I got the e-mail saying they had to close my account due to US regulations. In retrospect it is even better since the company was located in Cyprus...
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