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  1. That's right.

    All we have here is an end run around online gambling laws.

    Poker. no. Craps no.

    Fake nonsense , YES!
  2. just21


    Maybe it is public venture capital into a state of the art computer science project to define the future of money.

    Look at REQ Request network. It is like being offered angel investing into Paypal.
    XLM Stellar Lumens is going to be the default currency/market on Fairx an IBM backed crypto exchange. XRP Ripple could replace Swift freeing up trillions of dollars of bank capital. Iota Machine to machine transactions using a tangle instead of a blockchain.
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  3. Humpy


    The US casinos/mafia pay the politicians to stop online gambling. It would cut their profits in half. The major site Poker Stars is run by Russians. There are US players on the demo side and I suspect some pretending to be Canadians playing with real money. All in US dollars.
  4. DeltaRisk


    Not many here know what S.W.I.F.T. is,
    International transactions would be much easier through nostro/vostro accounts.