Online gambling crackdown in the US jumps to the next stage, UK shares plunge

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  1. Aw crap, they musta seen my post from the feedback section.

    "Naw , go the whole hog.

    Integrate ET, as an ib for half the reputable firms out there, for the other half, get an offshore entity for international clients/cfd/spread betters,
    organise a corprative to start an integrated betting on everything company (virtual poker tourneys, football, maybe even etc) and it would be huge.

    Perhaps, bigger than Mr. Market.

  2. zdreg


    what a puritanical country the US is.
  3. these gambling companies bring nothing of value to consumers and society.

    If you want to go to a casino, you have to get in your car , drive a few miles at least then you can only spend a limited amount of time there.

    online gambling does not have these limitations . It 's only right that trhe US ban or regulate that industry. The problem is in the UK not in the US.
  4. LT701


    '7 out, line away'

    that's all they'd have to say

    if you lost to them
  5. Yes, why not. After all, the government knows best what we should and shouldn't be doing.
  6. Cesko


    I wonder if they are going to find ways around it. Any ideas?
    Little closer to the police state.
  7. This is what occurs when you have religious extremists running the country.
  8. and a well-funded gaming lobby. and politicians looking at mountains of lost tax revenue.

    the religious fanatics make a lot of noise, but they haven't even made a dent in online porn. no money in banning it.
  9. This has nothing to do with religion...
    But I guess you just can't miss an opportunity to take a ** cheap shot ** at Jesus Christ.

    Gambling has historically been illegal in the United States and many advanced countries...
    Because degenerate gamblers have a HUGE social and economic cost...
    And I include degenerate day traders in that group.

    Online gambling has NEVER been legal for this reason...
    So nothing has changed with the new laws.

    Every poker pro who makes a $1 million...
    Leaves behind 100s of losers with unpaid bills and substance abuse problems and broken families...
    And nothing productive is done or created... social good is absent.

    The US Government does not want to pay for all the social fallout...
    While Party Poker gaming just skims profits off the top.
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