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Discussion in 'Forex' started by szaby_n, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. szaby_n


    Hello guys do you know a good online forex trading course for intraday trading.I`m asking because EliteTrader is the only good source of information(theat i`ve commed across) that gives valuable information not scammers.
    So any thoughts?of who would be good
  2. Hello - In this modern age,there are plenty of ways to get training about any course.Forex is a wild business and its knowledge is also wild.There are many legal resources available now to get Forex training.I was suggested to visit .Believe me i visited there and got something important about Forex trading.Moreover now i am feeling we can also learn about Forex trading at this Forum form each other. For training we have to have out demo account which is a practice session for every new trader as me to going to have it very soon.
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    This board is now total crap.

    It seems 75% of the posts are now bogus, they're all the same, 2-3 lines at the most to try and get some sort of thread going.

    I used to like this Forum, now it's been ruined by the crappy paid posts.
  4. FX_Gigi


    Yes Elite Trader is a good board to learn about Forex but there are many other good too. For example babypips is the great.
  5. I know a good basic Forex knowledge that is,

    However some brokers we are trading with may have tutorial section and offer free forex webminar as HotForex, Interactive Brokers. Give them a try!
  6. szaby_n


    Yes i know baby pips is good but im looking for a good videocourse
  7. babypips is OK in order to learn some basic concepts, but definitely not enough in order to trade successfully.
    For that you have to open a demo account, observe, analyze and practice till you are able to discover some kind of an edge.
    Even a real edge will be not enough if you don't learn to handle proper risk management and money management.
    In case of manual, discretionary trading even this will be not enough.
    You will have to learn about yourself in order to be able to manage the psychological part.
    For most manual traders this is by far the most difficult.
  8. I too have used Babypips, it's great for learning basic concepts, but there is no substitution for actual trading. You can try Babypips then test strategies using a demo account.