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  1. Has anybody tried it ? Good, bad indifferent? Horror stories, good stories? I want to hear.
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    Back around 1998, I was between GF's so I answered perhaps three ads in the Chicago Reader (sort of a Village Voice type pub). I only got one callback. It was the weirdest date I've ever had and that's truly saying something.

    The girl's ad was along the lines of "All-American girl looking for All-American guy." Ok, I'll bite. The chick next door looking for a regular dude. I picked her up a couple of hours after the CBOT close and went to an early dinner at a comfortable, laid-back bistro. Nothing pretentious. She was cute. Red hair, ok bod. A solid "6."
    Time to make conversation and get to know each other.

    Besides making and losing money, I'd had a pretty uneventful life until then. No big drama. Nothing could prepare me for this "all-American" girl talk. First she told me her mother had committed suicide. It happens, I told her. But, she said, it probably wasn't a suicide. Really? No, I think my father shot her in the head with his shotgun. No SHIT! Suddenly my yarns about the day I had 300 bonds on during the 30 year auction seemed pretty shallow. Let's go get a drink one of us said. How about my place? I'm just up the street. Now I have this strange, fragile creature in my living room.

    Without much negotiation one thing led to another and some wonderful oral stimulation followed. I resisted the urge to make wise by quipping, "did your mom take the barrel in her mouth like this"? It was all business. Now I'm spent. The phone rings. Ah, my betting partner. No I didn't forget that there's a MNF, NFL game tonight. I like the Pack. As I spoke on the phone I heard my front door open and then close. I finished my call quickly and got up, went to the hall and looked toward the bank of elevators. My "All-American" was gone for the night, never to be heard from again. I cried for joy!
  3. ok that made me spit the diet coke out, nice story!!!

    Any others out there?
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    Sure, it is the 21st century or what. After all you can SEARCH for all kind of characteristics online. I mean what are the chances that that blonde in the bar is into stampcollecting and watching the Teletubies???

    #1 rule, you shouldn't lie too much, because sooner or later at the real life meeting she will see the truth. A few years and a few pounds LESS and a little hair MORE is OK, after all she is also lying...

    Once I had a date at 6 am (that is in the morning) after I met someone online, but that was when I lived in Nevada. That state never sleeps...

    Only real big problem is (unless you live in a big city) that compatible ladies most likely live geographically farer than you would prefer.

    My wife is against online dating, I don't know why. We met online.... :)
  5. Perhaps that's why.
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    Never understanding irony, eh...??? Come on, Thundy, lighten up, life is BEAUTIFUL!!!! :cool:
  7. Did the online hookup thing back in the early 90's on AOL when the net was very new and exciting (92-94 ish). You couldn't email pictures back then (at least we had no idea how to - scanners were prohibitively expensive) and it was relatively expensive to do the IM thing at 14.4 dialup(!), so at a certain point, you decided to "go voice" and would chat. Then, if you liked each other, you would MAIL (as in US postal service) each other a picture of yourself. Really. You called after 11 too - it was cheaper.

    Met 3 chicks.

    The first was sweet, but much larger than her picture suggested. We were 'friends'. My friend though didn't complain about the 10 hour drive to meet her as her friend he was hooked up with was hot. I would have preferred the latter.

    The second was only OK in the photograph, but way hotter in person. We ended up in a torrential relationship for about 2 years during vacation times (graduate school) and had great times. I still think of her fondly - she had some, er, unique talents that I haven't found again.

    The last was a 'no photo' hookup where I fled the scene of the rendezvous because she was so grossly obese that I was concerned for my own personal safety.

    And that was the last time I did that.

    #2 was worth it though - the initial hookup was by far one of the most memorable moments.

    We were down at Paolio's in Georgetown and had ordered. Dinner was taking forever. She implied she was getting antsy. The food came, she took two bites, and made some comment about what she would prefer to eat.

    'Check Please.' Some homeless guy ate well that night, let me tell ya....

    Thanks for the opportunity to reminisce...
  8. alright i'll spill some beans..

    i've met 2 girls off the internet in my life and i've been into computers for over 12 years now. both ended up being my girlfriend.

    the first girl i met like 9 years ago..can't believe it's been that long. well she was a nice average girl. i'd rate her looks 7.6/10.

    the 2nd girl i met within the last year ..and she's a satanist. :D she is without a doubt the most whacky individual i've personally ever known. i thought i knew what all girls were like in general until i got to know this one. sometimes she reminded me of that possessed girl in "the exorcist" whose head spins around. i'd rate her looks 9.5/10. i think she is super intelligent, but emotionally bizarre. i consider myself really hard to get to emotionally and this girl got to me like no other in my life. anyway, eventually she was making my life miserable so i kinda backed away from her, although i didn't want to. now things have kinda settled down though and she wants me to call her in like 2 weeks on our "1 year anniversary" since the day we met. as "drsteph" posted above, i can honestly say i had some of the most memorable moments of my life with this girl.

    i'll probably meet a 3rd girl soon. this girl might even be better looking than the 2nd girl. from what i've seen her looks are 9.8/10. she's been begging to meet me for months. i like to drive them crazy to meet, instead of being like, "sure let's hang out." i'll probably meet this one very soon. she is already crazy for me and i'm thinking it will go very good with her.

    now before some of you guys think i'm just throwin around these high ratings, check out the 2nd girl i met in the attached pic.

    p. s. one of my good friends met his now wife through the internet.
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  9. Great thread!

    I've never done it - I find it so intersting though! Lets hear more stories:)
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    Haven't done anything online but I did use a dating service once about 10 years ago.
    An ex-girlfrieds sister set me up with them after our 9th or was it the 10th breakup.

    I was given 12 introductions and they were all generally nice girls although most were only average looking.

    One, who was a couple of years older and a few pounds heavier than I usually prefer, did have the largest hooters I've ever had any "hands on" experience with.

    I took another to a comedy club and every thing was going well until a comedian used the C word. I along with everyone else laughed. I happen to notice she didn't think it was too funny though. The date was all down hill after that. I always assumed her ex must have frequently used that term.

    Yet another mentioned on the phone she was into fashion and didn't even own a pair of jeans. I knew right then I wasn't interested but just out of curiosity I met her for dinner anyway. She had so much hair spray on I thought she was wearing a blonde version of darth vader's helmet.

    I was sitting at the bar with another when out of nowhere she suddenly starting telling me what a great wife she was going to make. I briefly contemplated pretending to fall out of my chair only to hit the ground running, but ultimately decided against it.

    One had a eating disorder. And another one worked five double shifts a week and lived in a house with no furniture.

    And then there was the last introduction.
    We met for lunch. She was young (9 1/2 years younger than me) a bit short (4'10") but with a very cute figure.
    One of the first things I noticed though was her face, it was beautiful.

    But despite her being attractive I made sure she understood right up front I wasn't interested in getting too serious.

    We were married a year later.
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