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  1. Does anybody know of a good school offering online courses in Finance? I am working on my degree currently, but have run into the issue of the school stopped offering almost all night classes and they offer zero online classes for finance. A 25,000+ student school and they only offer two upper level courses at night...the department head told me they were potentially going to drop those also which is wonderful.

    I am employed full time at a bank and have a family so I can't just change my schedule up at the bank since it is set hours. I don't want to leave here either because it is an awesome position for my resume and experience.

    Anyways, I am just trying to figure out what options I have for school to finish my degree and was looking for suggestions other than the University of Phoenix. Not that it is a bad school, I just don't feel like it will carry much weight for me.

  2. If you're seeking a degree, you need to confirm with the school conferring the degree what classes from what schools they will accept as substitutes for the classes they require. Otherwise you'll end up taking a class that won't get you that degree. Go see your advisor first.
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  4. Not sure what you are looking for in terms of just info, or walking away with a degree or Masters? Otherwise to start you can look at Kahn Academy for some material, and I believe that there are quite a few Universities that have some of their courses available, but they are not part of a structured program leading to a "title", you would be on your own to spend time going through and learning.
    I was half way into a Comp Sci Masters long ago when I walked away as I was working, trading, and the wife was in school and of course the first kid was on the way. I can say I am not sure I could have stuck with the program via online more than going to class. Online is a real commitment if you are going to learn. I have looked into online Finance programs at the Masters level since, and have not found anything.
    Good luck and pass on if you do find a program. Good luck with managing the whole picture. I am always amazed how I thought I was soo busy as a kid or in college, and then I had a family. Wow, time management should be right there with the 3 R's, but then again our country doesn't seem to value the three R's much anymore either.
  5. There's an online course from Columbia University through called Financial Engineering and Risk Management. I'm planning on taking it as soon as I finish some Python courses. Apparently you don't need any programming experience but I'd like to try and complete it using Python/R instead of Excel just for the experience.

    Here's the link... looks interesting

    edit: Looks like they don't have any scheduled right now though..
  6. Yea I am going to talk to an advisor to see, I think I am going to be better off transferring schools completely. Most colleges want you to take the majority of your upper level coursework AT that school. So I am at that point now where I have to figure be at the school I am going to graduate from.

    Thanks for the suggestions Wartrace, I will check them out. That is what I am looking for really, a regular school offering a fully online degree.

  7. Tango, I am working on my bachelors degree. Kahn Academy is a great resource, but I need credit for what I learn so I can get this degree knocked out.

    Online vs the classroom, I do think online will require a little more dedication, however from a time standpoint it should help me out significantly. Currently my days consist of leaving the house at 7am for work, get home from work at 430pm. Spend 20 minutes with my wife and son and grab some food to eat on the way to class. Get to class at 6pm, get home from class at 10pm. Eat supper, do any homework I need to do for class...go to bed around 1 then go for round 2! It isnt too bad honestly, I mainly just miss seeing my son more during the week. He is 1 and a half and growing super fast of course. Right now I am on break for summer though, until next week for summer classes.

    It makes for busy days, but I do what needs to be done.

    I am also looking at another school closer to my work that offers night classes and online classes. I don't know much about their finance department really, but they have a significantly better offering compared to my current university.
  8. Do they offer credit for any of their courses? I am assuming no if its free, that would be awesome if so though.
  9. No, it doesn't appear so.