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    Do these online casino's REALLY pay us the money if we WIN and we want to cash out our winnings? I heard since they are mostly in the middle of the pacific ocean and they aren't on American soil, then there is no law that states they have to give us our winnings and we can't do nothing about it.

    Has this happened to anybody?

    Recommend a good online casino to play blackjack that will pay out Winnings and not steal the money?

    What online casino's are the highest recommended. How do these online blackjack casino's work anyways?
  2. How do they make money?

    As I understand it, Pokerstars and such dont charge a rake or any fees. I dont see ads on their service either. But they can afford to advertise and pay top players to wear all their stuff.

    Unless they just collect clean wire transfer money from the u. s and mix up it with dirty cash from wherever. Sounds like an easy way to launder cash.
  3. of course pokerstars charges a rake. I think its .05 for every dollar...
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    I've never had any problems getting paid out from I use them mainly for sports betting eventhough their vig can be pretty steep. They have poker and casino too. I am not affiliated with them in any way.
  5. I have one. Send me a private message with your email.
  6. series 7

    series 7 (5 yearss)and (2 years)has always paid me
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    What the hell for? I'm not private messaging you. If you know of a good honest online casino, then you can share it with the whole forum and not just me in private. Tell everybody. If you have to tell me in private and your online casino is not public, then it isn't an honest casino. GET LOST YOU DISHONEST LOSER!!
  8. It is not dishonest and I was going to chat with you in private about it.

    Anyways, to prove I am honest, here it is....

    Have fun.

    You people need to chill.
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    I have nothing to say to you in private. Whatever information you wanted to tell me can be said to EVERYBODY on this forum. The purpose of these forums is to share information and NOT keep it private. Stop being selfish and share whatever you have to share with the rest of the forum.

    And nobody should click on that link that he posted above. Never trust a link that has the word "SEX" in the link name. You will get a virus. This is a stock trading forum that is made public for everybody to SHARE information. That is why these forums are called "PUBLIC FORUMS".
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    novel20 is the website of World Sports Exchange, which is a pretty well known online sportsbook. They do have a rake free poker site, which is called the World Poker Exchange.

    Moreover, Pokerstars (the second biggest online poker website) do charge rake, because this is how they make so much money.
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