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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by PatrickQ, May 22, 2001.

  1. Just joined the group per recommendation of Robert Tharp (being that I just moved into his condo in the San Diego area and will be trading with him)and the question I have is for those that trade, at times commodities and other futures instruments like beans, corn, wheat, curriencies, treasuries, etc.

    Q: Does anyone have a good online brokerage that they like and has cheaper commission costs than Lind-Waldock? Thanks for any and all input!
  2. JayS



    I don't think IB offers commodities, only financial & index futures. <b>I could be wrong.</b>


    When it come's to commodities and most futures, cheaper is not always better IMHO. Most trading is done in the pits, aside from the e-mini's, some currency, and the treasuries that trade on A/C/E. I've found that online trading with most commodity/futures brokers is inferior to a good discount trading desk. I personally have online access to keep track of my acct but trade through a broker.


  3. zboy2854A, Jay

    I know who drinks the coffee as the response times were very quick. Yes. IB does not offer commodities, only financial & index futures.

    You got it. Cheaper is not always better, yet I have had good results w/ Lind trading online and Jay you nailed it, online access to keep track of the account is key - I have the order desk on the mobile ready and use online approx. one-quarter of the time.

    I am discount w/ Lind, yet I was just "fishing" for input as to a discount company that has a solid online program and order desk that is cheaper than Lind and that others have and would recommend!

  4. elon


    We offer different platforms including 24 hour access to ALL markets that you mentioned.


    There is always a real person to speak to in case you need to.
  5. any of these platforms? IB TWS, Pats J Trader, Trading Tech.?

  6. elon


    PATS, jtrader (good for minis only)
    LEO for all contracts + web based platform.

    Basically we big enough and have been around long enough to work witha few clearing firms to match your needs with the best system.