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Discussion in 'Options' started by totti100, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. totti100


    Which broker is better for options

    Etrade or optionxpress
  2. IB is better than both, imho...
  3. thinkorswim or IB

    then OX

    that's it.
  4. totti100


    So, OX is better than E Trade

    what makes them better?

    I mean E trade has 100 free trades

    OX costs at least 15 bucks for one trade

    Can you guys give me more details.

  5. Don't forget ET has $15 min ticket for options. So if you buy 1 contract, it will be $15 + $0.75.
  6. totti100


    Yeah but they have 100 trades for free.

    Is that true?
  7. ajna


    Etrade: 100 commission free trades. But platform is so clunky you'll end up with 100 losing trades due to slippage. While you're worrying about saving $10 here and there, you just lost thousands in your actual trades.

    You can check out TOS and IB platforms for free.

    Commissions are so low these days, you really should focus on good software and good fills.
  8. E-Trade does NOT specialize in options. They are a very large BD that offers many different services. If you want to trade options seriously then you need a broker who knows and deals with options PRIMARILY not as a small side dish. As Coach said TOS, IB or OX PERIOD. Cost is inconsequential as all the above will match E-trade or do better.
  9. Interactive Brokers is cheap and fairly good, but trading platform is poor.

    ThinkOrSwim has the best trading platform, but is a bit more expensive. They will negotiate fees if you show them some action. They also offer excellent free classes. Phone trades/support is great, and free.

    I have accounts with both.

    Many other brokers have fees that are too high (including ticket charges), especially for small lot traders.
  10. If you read the fine print, they'll refund up to $9.99 per trade, but options trades cost $9.99 plus .75/contract, so the price is no better than IB's (and some others') everyday commission.
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