Online backup that does not run continuously on your pc?

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    Is there an online file backup service with software that automatically backs up but does not run continuously on your pc? Both Mozy and iDrive constantly run with iDrive's latest update aggressively accessing your hard drive for 30 seconds every minute. It seems these programs are set up for continuous backup even if you opt for only once-a-day backup.

    I think I remember a program that simply resided in Windows' Task Scheduler that started, backed-up then shut down completely at a predetermined time. That's what I need.
  2. Couldn't you just do a "drag-n-drop" copy of your data files to a flash drive at the end of the day?
  3. check out ...

    You can schedule the backup for when you want it; e.g. I have mine set to back-up outside of trading hours. I have my backtesting computer [32 Gb] backed up on line.

    [If you like the look of Carbonite, perhaps you could let me "refer" you? I can get free months by doing so ...]
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    It's not automated; it's not off-site. And picking out altered and new files from across my hard drive's multiple folders each evening for backup, well ….
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    All of the services that I've seen let you schedule the backup when you want; that's not the problem. According to their home page, "Carbonite installs a small application on your computer that works quietly in the background." After my frustrating experience with IDrive I'm looking to get away from that. But Carbonite may be less intrusive than the rest, so if I can't find something that simply starts once a day from Windows's Task Scheduler I might give it a try. (And I'll let you know for the referral.) Thanks.
  6. You don't need to copy "multiple files", just the folders. You save files to "multiple folders" each day? (All of my market data files are saved to only one folder w/sub folders.)

    Can't argue about "not off site", but even though not automated, takes only seconds. (Could make it automated with a mouse macro.)
  7. Why not have scheduled jobs that kill IDrive in the morning and then re-start it at the end of the trading day? Use the taskkill command line to kill all instances of IDrive (the main exe and the 67 other apps it uses).
  8. run batch from sched tasks to copy needed files.

    so simple even an ET member can do it
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    good point about flash drive\external hard drive...any decent backup soft can do that automatically,picking only files, that been modified... acronis for example. use incremental backup..

    i would actually prefer to have my stuff at my house, rather than some online least i have home insurance..don't know what they have...and having backup copy of everything once a month on big waterproof flash drive and store it in safe deposit box in the bank..
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    Thanks everyone for your replies.

    I guess the answer to my offsite backup question is "no." So special thanks to SideShowBob for providing a potentially viable workaround.
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