online advisory services?

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  1. Curious how many people are out there subscribing to the various "stock pick" services out there....

    A look at the back of Stocks and Commodities Magazine show me various sites offering hot tips and ideas, charging from $360 a year to almost $2400 a year. (!!!)

    My calculator shows me that if only 10,000 people, from SOMEWHERE on the planet, subscribe, thats $3.6 million to $24 million a year in income for the respective site owner.

    since most of these sites involve basic TA tools and advice ("Use trailing stops to protect capital!!!"......"the trend is your friend!!!" blah blah blah), I wonder how many of use should stop trading for a year and just put up a website!

    opinions, thoughts?
  2. fegfeg


    I subscribed some pickers that advertise those 100%, 200%, 500% gains, and you know what? .... It's true.
    So, stop complaining and give us the names you've found. Come on...
  3. gwnorth


    lets here the high percent subscriber names so that maybe any newbie can direct their energy to them for their own evaluation rather than wasting valuble time and money on the crooks

    personnally I've tuned in to Woodies CCI club and have found his style and abilities to be exceptional and like his moto goes "traders helping traders" the information that Woodie provides is extremely valuble to ones success along with the info from other traders in the room

    so heres a start

    live to trade another day :cool:
  4. O boy every 2 weeks or so, there's another newb/loser trader coming to Resources and asking "whats good "spoonfeed me signals service?" Invariably he gets no answers. Frustrated he goes away. O boy.... what a circus and how predicatable. There needs to be a freakin Consumer Reports of online trading advice. There's a freakin $100K/year idea doing a good thang. Go take it and do it, I just gave it to you for free cause I don't got time to realize it.