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  1. Not a whole lot of volume though - might become more attractive after the CME launches its Naz Composite futures (end of this month I think??).

    Although I'm not sure why they're bothering - 80%+ of the COMPX moves are driven by the Nasdaq-100 anyway

    Is this a ploy to increase overall volume by encouraging arbitrage between the COMPX futures and the NDX futures?
  2. I was very happy to see the introduction of ONEQ because, unlike other ETFs that are traded on the AMEX, it is traded on the Nasdaq. Therefore, getting in and out of it is much quicker than other ETFs we trade. It's also great that, despite being priced in the $70 range, the spread is typically one to two cents. It is quite liquid and I am sure will gain in popularity, as well as take away liquidity from QQQ. Just my 2 cents. . .
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    The QQQ's are not liquid enough?
    The largest spread i have ever seen in The Q's has been .01!
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    I agree 100%

  5. Not to mention the SPY , which is also instantaneous execution. In fact, the faster dodging of the Naz will probably work against you , not for you. They have T3's and access to the daily script as well. Pray for someones line to go down just before a big move so they cant cancel, that's where the $$$ is.

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