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  1. THe Ron Suskind account of Paul O'Neill's experience serving in the Cheney...I mean Bush...cabinet is fascinating. And it confirms all your worst suspicions about Dubya's shallowness and incompentence.

    O'Neill is the right wingers worst nightmare. Sure, they will try to smear him, ignore him, discredit him, in any ways they can, but it really won't wash.

    What a deplorable page in US history. An election lost on the popular vote, then won on a fraudulent electoral count with the assistance of a partisan vote by the Supremes. A cardboard cut-out of a man propped up by a right wing cabal as a front for their assault on democratic rule.

    911 providing the cover for a host of shady deals and behind the scenes manuvering to benefit those who paid for the Bush presidency.

    What a shameful disgusting adminstration. And what a worthless little zit of a man for a leader.

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    Bush served his purpose. He put a friendly, regular-joe face on the neo-cons, so they could push their extreme right wing agenda for a little while. He's finished now, so they'll just throw him away and try to find some other stooge to prop up for 2008.
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    Gee, Mackie, your not partisan now are you? I've read parts of this book and you are putting a spin on it that is just not justified by the content.

    The author has an axe to grind and O'Neill does, too. This is obvious.

    One thing I will agree on, Bush is a lightweight and the political types behind him have too much influence. There is too much ideology and not enough rational discussion about issues in this administration.

  4. Well, I just finished the book. If people are paying any attention at all (and I suspect the majority are not), this kind of inside information should raise lots of eyebrows. The idealogues are in charge and that is NOT GOOD for our democracy.

    The depiction of Cheney in this book is downright frightening.

  5. *****
    I prefer the William o' Neill books;
    of course they are right base as opposed to left based,
    like IBD & the Wall Street Journal.

    Interesting bit of news this month;
    learned that Justice Ginsberg is a friend of Justice Scalia.

    They eat venison together.:cool: ;
    Justice Ginsberg noted Justice Scalia is a better deer hunter than duck hunter.
  6. Stop attacking Bush... Bush is a True Hero who kicked Arab ass and showed the world that America is da BOSS!!!

    God Bless Bush and screw everyone that tries to defy the will of the USA, cos the defyers are evil doers, and we will hunt em down!
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    click return of the beast link http://larouchein2004.net/pages/other/2004/040103cos2.htm
  8. Good one, I like the WON books too. There're not full of self-serving sour grapes. Paul O'Neill was the worst Treasury Secretary since Lloyd Bentsen. If he thought Bush was such a moron and wasn't interested in his ideas, why did he agree to serve? So that the country would have the full benefit of his vast judgment and wisdom? He showed how much judgment he had by traipsing around Africa with Bono, looking like an idiot, when we were in serious economic trouble.

    Sorry, O'Neill's 15 minutes are up. He can never show his face in DC again.
  9. You are so predictable AAA. Read the fucking book and then comment. Your kneejerk reactions don't mean shit. Paul O'Niell served Ford and Senior Bush and he was very well-respected. O'Niell stands head and shoulders above that little twerp, Georgie the punk.

    Cheney has brains, but he's an evil bastard.

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    Back on subject;
    another enlightening read even though he tends to be partisan & anti Bush.


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