OneChicago Launches New Website

Discussion in 'Events' started by OneChicago, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. OneChicago has recently launched our new website.

    The front page displays a table of Single Stock Future symbols where the offer on the future is trading below the offer on the underlying.

    Quotes used in the table are from the previous trading day's prices from just before the close.

    The reason for the discounts have to do with the payments that the brokerages receive from loaning stock out to meet demand from short selling strategies. If you would like to participate in these payments synthetically you can purchase the related SSF which will trade at a discount to the cash.

    Briefly here is how it works:
    Market makers are aware of the rebates paid in the Stock Loan world. They price the future in such a way to attract a buyer. If someone buys the future from them they will turn around and purchase the stock which will be immediately 'lent' out to the market and a fee will be charged the borrower. This fee will more than compensate the market maker for selling the forward value (ie the SSF) at a discount.

    Customers can take part in these payments synthetically by buying the SSF at a discount which at expiration will turn into a long stock position. Buy it today for a higher price or buy it for delivery in the future at a lower price.

    We also offer a online tutorial that we believe you will find useful.

  2. It has been pointed out that I failed to include the link. My apologies.