One2's Noob Daytrading and Swingtrading Journal

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    I have been on ET for a while and coming up on my 1 year anniversary since entering these great financial markets. I am becoming slightly profitable and wanted to document my success/failure here so I could share my journey and collect useful information from everyone here at ET. I also think keeping a journal will keep me more disciplined and help me to remember my past mistakes. Here is my 1st days trades.


    Out SPPI swing trade

    Entered at 7.8 last week. Exited today at 8.35 + $3.10

    Bought 2000 ACAD at 1.9 today. Sold 1/2 at 2.03 for + $108

    Tried to trade SSO on the pullback in the AM only to get stopped out.

    - $103

    Was holding FAZ since monday night at
    23.11. Exicted b/e this morning. Had I held this trade I would have 900 more dollars in my account right now. Nice...

    Entered FAZ EOD at 26.28

    That is todays activities.

    Here is my current portfolio of swing trades.

    All gains/losses are unrealized

    300 FAZ entry at 26.28 + $7
    5000 SKVI entry at .16 + $115
    2000000 SYMW entry at .0013 - $528
    20000 BIEL entry at .07 - $80
    15000 SPNG entry at .0015 +$1000
    5000 CVM entry at .66 - $132
    1000 CORS entry at .42 - $148
    2000 INO entry at 2.1 + $12
    1000 ACAD entry 1.9 + $102

    (yeah i trade pennies)

    Todays P/L + 302 on closed positions.

    I can tell this is going to be a bitch to keep organized so if anyone has a way to automatically get all of this data from etrade please let me know. lol. This should be a fun journal.
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    Good morning Thread.

    Just wanted to post that I am out of 1000 ACAD pre-market at 2.15 + $233

    starting off the day green. :D :D :D
  3. One2


    Also out FAZ pre market at 26.95

    + $183

    I wont be trading today. I am leaving to NYC from Orlando at around 12pm.

    + $416 on two overnights. I will update the journal with all current positions tonight.
  4. Hi One2,

    I wish you great success with your journal and your trading.

    I have seen from chat that you appear to have a very good grasp on what your doing and I sure your journal will reflect that as well.

    For those that want to follow One2 which I have no doubt will happen I have seen one2 call out trades in advance in chat so this is the real deal.

    Best to you !!


  5. One2


    Thanks for the kind words Robert. Maybe it will keep the "your just a paper trader" types that seem to flourish on this site out of the thread. lol. I will update the thread in a few. Just got in to my hotel. NYC. wo0t...
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    Up to 94 views in 2 days. Half of them are probably me. Lol. anyways here is today action.

    Out 1000 ACAD + $233
    Out 300 Faz + $183

    I rushed into an SDS trade trying to trade before I had to leave to the airport. BAD IDEA. - $147 on 400 shares. When reviewing the setup I should have been in SSO after the SPY made a higher lo. Bottom line. Dont trade unless you have time to trade...

    I also got into some BGMO while waiting for my plane. Got a txt from a friend that is usually right on the money. Ya i know it is bad to trade off others recommendations but it is working so far. BGMO is currently at .65
    My entry was at .35.

    Here are my current positions and unrealized gains/losses

    2k BGMO + $592
    5k CVM - $32
    20k BIEL - $40
    2mil SYMW - $528 (ouch)
    1k CORS - $158
    15k SPNG + $881
    1k INO - $8
    5k SKVI - $35 <---Should have got out yesterday

    So there it is. Will be back tomorrow (hopefully) Good luck to all.
  7. One2


    Hey ET. Here is todays action.

    Got out of BGMO + $876

    I think I may have bailed on BGMO to early as it closed 5 cents away from the HOD on Very strong volume. we will see tomorrow.

    Tried to trade FAZ but bailed when the thing started hovering 3 cents away from my stop...If i would have stayed in the trade my stop would not have been hit and the trade would have went to target...I guess i have to learn to trust my stops. Anyways I bailed out with a real small loss. Only - $21

    I also added 2k shares of CTIC at 1.54

    All in all i diddnt trade to much today. Still taking in the city but it was a good day. wo0t. Here are my current positions and there unrealized gains/losses.

    2k CTIC -$28
    5k SKVI -$10
    20k BIEL +$26
    1k CORS -$167
    5k CVM +$17 (was +$200 at one point today)
    2mil SYMW -$528
    15k SPNG +$818
    1k INO -$50

    I think alot of people are wondering why I am holding such a big loss in SYMW. If you look at the chart SYMW has been doing this for about 2 months now where it bases then rallies, sells off and repeats. I tried to rush the trade and catch a falling knife before it found its base. 1million shares where bought at .0016 and 1million at .0011.
    If this things ticks to .0009 I am all out.

    There it is. Be back tomorrow ET'ers
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    So here is todays action...

    stopped out of INO Swing for a $144 Loss

    Tried to trade FAZ without success yet again. Out of that trade with a small .11 cent loss on 500 shares -$72

    Tried to play AIG and got stopped out. - $113

    Also added 15k SPNG at .192

    SPNG has a nice reversal candle after bouncing off the 50% retrace of its previous rally.

    Here are my current positions and there unrealized loss/gain's

    20k BIEL + $156
    5k SKVI + $15
    5k CVM + $17
    2mil SYMW - $528 (still ouch)
    30k SPNG + $1017
    1k CORS - $128
    2k CTIC - $107 thanks to some idiot starting roumors about FDA denial. You can see it rebounding after a sharp selloff

    Should not have traded today. Was super low volume thanks to labor day and was also a choppy day due to options exp. still it was a good week. Hope everyone has a great labor day weekend.
  9. NoDoji


    Hey One2,

    Nice to see you started a journal. I wish you the best of trading!

    Do you use PowerEtradePro for the penny stocks, and how long to get filled? I tried SPNG once and no fill for several minutes so I cancelled the orders.

  10. One2



    I am still using etrade. Executions are slow but usually I am not day trading these pennys so it isnt a problem. Also SPNG is pretty liquid so it isnt a problem.

    Glad to see you here NOD. Hope you are enjoying your vacation. :)
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