one year later: Congress Fails To Pass A Single Oil Spill Law.

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  1. you have to admire republicans. they are very effective lapdogs. they do what their masters demand:

    NEW YORK -- Soon after his son Gordon died in the Deepwater Horizon explosion last April, Keith Jones made eight trips to Washington D.C. to push for stronger safety measures in offshore oil drilling and to increase the compensation paid to victims of the tragic accident. He met with President Obama, who apologized for the families' "unimaginable grief" and cradled Gordon's baby boy Maxwell in his arms.

    When Jones arrived on Capitol Hill, he says he was mobbed by Senators and Representatives eager to express their condolences and to promise that they would swiftly pass legislation to make sure such a tragedy never happens again.

    He is still waiting.

    In the year since the worst environmental disaster in the nation's history, Congress hasn't adopted any major laws on oil and gas drilling -- despite introducing more than 150 bills to improve the safety and oversight of offshore drilling and holding more than 60 hearings to discuss the spill's causes and consequences with regulators, oil company officials, grieving relatives and Gulf-area fishermen.

    "Nothing has happened," said Jones,

    In 2010, the oil and gas industry spent more than $146 million to lobby the federal government and donated $28 million to federal campaigns, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

    "The lobbying is relentless and continuous on the Hill," says John Amos, a former oil industry geologist who heads the SkyTruth environmental group. "And the public sector groups are no match for the well-oiled machine that the American Petroleum Institute is."

    And BP is back to making contributions to politicians -- largely to GOP leaders -- breaking a self-imposed moratorium on such donations in the wake of the oil spill. The oil giant gave $5,000 contributions to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.), among others.
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    Both houses were in Democratic control until about 4 months ago and the dems still have the senate.
    Yet you blame only the republicans. Jeezus H Christ you are one biased, full of shit, SOB.
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    Didn't BP agree to give $20,000,000,000 to Obama for a slush fund, er I mean, to help all those people affected by the spill? I mean, Obama hand picked the guy to run the fund.
  4. Something you won't see Tinkerbell post:

    20 APRIL 2011

    Here we go again, the last time money was given to Brazil, to the tune of over 2 billion dollars. Now it has been learned that another chunk will be given to Columbia for building a refinery. How many oil refineries do you think we could build right here in the United States of America with a $2.84 Billion dollar loan? The real truth is we will never know because Barack is anti-American oil and is all for and is all in for foreign oil. If you remember just last month he told Brazil he wanted the U.S. to be a major customer of their oil and now he is loaning Columbia $2.84 Billion taxpayer dollars.
  5. Isn't it already illegal to spill oil into the water willfully or negligently?
  6. nope. there is a small fine capped at a few million.after the exon disaster in alaska republicans pushed through a cap on liability. there was talk of raising the liability cap to better reflect reality but republicans rejected it.
  7. Maybe it is because after a year there are hardly any detrimental affects. Although the idea of oil spills are horrible I think the media has convinced us that they are worse than they actually are.
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    Democrats were in charge of the House, the Senate and the Presidency when the BP gulf leak occured. It seems to me that democrats are responsible for any legislative outcomes.

    Your are just demagoguing and not very effectively at that.
  9. i guess you couldnt be bothered to actually do a little research, or even think, before you sprouted off.
    May 18, 2010 7:58 PM
    GOP Blocks Oil Spill Liability Bill
    Republicans for the second time blocked legislation that would increase oil companies' liability for oil spill damages, setting off criticism from Democrats seeking to make BP pay for the disastrous oil spill
    Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) on Tuesday blocked a bill Democrats have put forward to raise the liability cap from $75 million to $10 billion. He said on the Senate floor he agrees the cap should be raised, but the Senate should "wait and see where the cap should be."

    "If you have it too high you are going to be singling out BP and the other four largest majors and the nationalized companies, such as China and Venezuela, and shutting out the independent producers," he said.

    Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) blocked the legislation last week.

    President Obama released a statement saying he is disappointed by the Republicans' objections.

    "This maneuver threatens to leave taxpayers, rather than the oil companies, on the hook for future disasters like the BP oil spill," he said. "I urge the Senate Republicans to stop playing special interest politics and join in a bipartisan effort to protect taxpayers and demand accountability from the oil companies."
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    Obviously the Obama regime wants to kill BP to cover up their own profound incompetency and outright malfeasance regarding the regulation of these offshore operations. The regime seeks to cut all offshore drilling and you know it.

    Yet you demagogue for the left when you know full well what transpired. Out here in flyover country where we are clinging to our guns and religion that is known as a "damned lie".

    Shame on you.
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