One World Currency

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  2. People keep saying how much the USD lost in value.

    Maybe it's time to start over with something new.
  3. this is new..... and has never been discussed on this board ever...before......
  4. We had a one world currency for 1000s of years. It was called "GOLD"
  5. Gold can be hoarded which constricts the money supply/liquidity. Then lent at interest (usury).

    Gold is a form of wealth, however other forms must be available to prevent hoarding. In Promise Language any form of value is transactable: gold, silver, land, time, labor, yen, dollars, euros, etc.
  6. No thank you.

    We get a huge advantage by being the single producers of the world's reserve currency. The two pillars of the American might are the dollar & armed forces. Our corporations & armed forces would suffer dramatically if we adopt some kind of equal currency with any friend.

    Not good for us.
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    the market will force out the $US if it deems it unworthy.
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    Gold is the one world currency. 1 oz of gold is $1432.00
  9. The US is the MARKET
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