One upon a time poor people were called "the working class" now "the lazy class"

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  1. Thanks to unemployment benefits.
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    This country needs legislation that will help create more jobs, not legislation that extends benefits.
  3. Many artificially created make work jobs cause more harm than good.

    Yes, we need more cops to chase away the homeless sitting or lying on sidewalks. And don't forget the vehicles-dwellers sleeping in their cars or vans after losing their homes. More cops are indeed needed to ticket these people and impound their vehicles if they cannot pay the fines.

    Obama is making sure that cops keep their jobs. May be the TSA & the FDA need a bigger army of inspectors too. lol
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    Agree but it will not happen. There is more profit to be made outsourcing jobs to the third world countries.
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    For the millionth time you cannot force jobs on an economy............

    Would be nice to have a natural economic cycle but that doesn't exist anymore when the fed intervenes every 4 days.
  6. once upon a time the poor worked, now they sit on their ass and watch cable tv while eating a bag of potato chips, complaining that their checks aren't big enough
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    Yes, but you can certainly provide incentives for companies to hire, as well as adjust trade agreements, tax policy, etc.
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    This is the mistake that so many people are making. Everyone thinks that Congress can pass a bill and POOF! Jobs are created. It doesn't work that way. There needs to be some sort of catalyst. Following the Great Depression it was WWII. That event sent people back to work in droves. Hopefully WWIII isn't on the horizon but job recovery will need some sort of catalyst to kick start the movement. Employment friendly legislation alone isn't enough.

  9. Read a story about an independent funeral home. The guy wanted to rebuild. 3 years later and many meetings to accomodate the zoning board pffttt.. denied. Off to court now.

    This scenario plays out over and over across the country. It's a wonder people keep trying.

    Construction jobs lost, additional employees would be hired, loans that won't be made, etc etc..

    If your business model fits into a 10 sq ft strip mall, the town fathers get a hard on, other wise, its a no go. It's quite obvious strip malls are doa.

    We need changes in zoning laws to encourage business, till then we get what we deserve.


    Some of these zoning laws indirectly limit your potential to expand or limit your profitiability by design.

    We aren't ever going to get off the ground in the job department until some serious changes are made or we have some visionaires on board in gov't.
  10. One way to incentivise people to look for work, is to reduce the amount of their unemployment check a small amount each installment. This should send a message that can't be ignored and it would save the government money as well. Either that or you could extend the payment out for a longer period of time.
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