One tycoon is selling two of America’s priciest mansions

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  2. The happiest days of that homeowner's life, moving into those homes......... AND moving out. :cool: :p :D :eek:
  3. Abbey spent a combined 18 years and more than $200 million erecting the pair of super-luxury residences but, apparently, has decided to downsize.

    looks like a $50 milion loss, if he will sell them.

    his homes are not top #5 in USA.

    In NY there are 6 listings above $90M.

    Funny, exactly the same price is asked for an apartment in tallest tower in Europe - The Shard. 50 mil GBP or 78 mill USD.

    The cost was approx $700M to build the whole building.
    Given its floor area 1,200,000 sqft, you could pack at least 100 huge apartments there. x 78M each = 7.8B potential value!

    Much better deal than two empty homes in rural America :D