One trade to $1 million

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  1. I stole this idea from a thread on a forex forum I saw a few years back. I don't remember which forum or which thread so if this sounds familiar to anyone, post a link to the original.

    This dude basically said that in Forex it's possible to start with a small account and if you get lucky and price keeps going up after you enter, you can keep pyramiding your position by buying more with leverage from the equity/margin of your existing position which is increasing as price moves in your favor, and end up with $1 million. He worked out the math, I'm just presenting the basic idea.

    The idea was low risk (the small account) and high reward (a million dollars).

    Of course, it requires picking a bottom basically. And a lot of luck. It's pretty much like gambling and "letting it ride" or whatever.

    I think he was starting with a $1,000 or less account. I don't remember his math. I'd actually like to see the thread again and see what became of it and if he was ever successful. IIRC he showed a few charts of historical examples where this would've worked.

  2. sure it is possible but what are the odds? one in a million?
  3. You have better odds of getting hit by a car while crossing a street.... seriously.
  4. risky63


    your better off trying to do the "double" 10 times to 1 million.
  5. insightful discussion.
  6. I am sure someone has done that, but also I heard many times that people won lottery with 5 bucks investment.
  7. How about with options?

    Make up a watch list of 10 stocks and you will have at least one ATM option double every day. Example: GOOG, RIMM, AAPL, SLV, USO, QQQQ, DIA, POT, GLD, NFLX.

    Start = $1,000
    1st trade = $2,000
    2nd trade = $4,000
    3rd trade = $8,000
  8. I don't really know much about options... so... maybe?
  9. Ive had dreams of catching a huge trend right at the bottom and adding and adding until hitting a million. I would love to hear a story of this actually happening but I am sure it is very very rare.
  10. I've done this before. Except I was shorting at the bottom, and kept on adding until I hit -1 million :)
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