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  1. Got to tell you guys I have been studying and trading for almost 3 years now. I am not net positive. I did not lose a fortune like some horror stories I have read, but the daily frustration is taking its toll. I will not get into all that I have studied but sufice it to say it was all solid material.. Don't know if I will continue or not. Good luck to all......My hat is off to all who are successful at this career

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    Another one bites the dust...maybe
  2. Apply for unemployment. Deposit government assistant checks into trading account. The rest of us will foot the bill while you further your education.

    Problem solved:)
  3. your name does not do you justice. That is the best thing I have read so far on this site.....but seriously my best to all:D
  4. Capital perseveration is the key, so when the setups are lined up you can step up.

    I just went thru a drawdown then scaled back my trading and have made up most of the losses. Now I am taking it slow and easy, with plenty of reserves in my coffers.

  5. Don't quit, step away from the markets, scale back, read, Kenneth Grants Trading Risk.
  6. I do appreciate the encouragement. I will step back again. took me 3 years to realize how tough this really is. Thanks again
  7. Hmmmm.... if trading is something you love and you find you can't do anything else, you shouldn't quit. Hopefully you are a good record keeper of your trades and also you kept a journal. Since looking back at your trades - the ones that were profitable, the ones that were not, the ones that were executed, the ones that didn't, you can learn alot from it and improve.

    You probably know this or you probably own it but if you don't...

    This book really helped the trainee we hired on our team last year. Read it myself and I find it to be one of the best in helping new and even experienced traders in beating that slump at times and breaking barriers.

    Good Luck. Don't give up.
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    Did you give it your very best shot at it? Three years full-time of it? What did you trade and how did it happen? Post your issues here and maybe you find some additional enlightment to continue your pursuit.
  9. Like my man Kenny Rogers said, you got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run. It's been real.

  10. Don't give up, it's when times are toughest, that new break throughs and distinctions occur. Take a break, recharge your batteries, get yourself back into a state where you are confident you can figure the game out, and get back into the game. It can be beat, you can beat it!
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