One thing that is being discounted by the MSM.

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    Max E.

    Could the media be discounting the massive effect that Mormons could have on the election? Keep in mind these are the guys who go door to door and try to convert people to their religion by simply ringing on their door bell and chatting with them. One summer when I was in highschool and I needed the work, I remember doing door to door sales, and there was a real art to it, people come up to you, and they are instantly hostile, so you had to shoot the shit with them for a bit, and become their friend to calm them down before you tried to sell them anything. Plus the company i worked for had a real organisation to it, as they had been doing it for a while, they knew how to map out an entire city, and make sure you did enough rounds that you hit every single house in that city, within a couple weeks.

    Mormons must be experts at this, I mean, I was trying to sell little 30 dollar coupons door to door, I cant even imagine how good one would have to be to convert someone door to door, but I would imagine it would be easier than convincing someone who was undecided to vote for who you wanted them to.

    One thing no one in the media talks about is the fact that Romney must have had a monster ground game banging on doors with all the mormons out there, I wonder if it would be enough to tilt the election.

    For the record, im both an agnostic, and I dont believe Romney is going to win tomorrow, it was just a thought.


    Many who are still without heat, water, and power following Hurricane Sandy, are looking to the federal government to provide the kind of organized and effective disaster relief that can restore their lives. Can private groups and citizens offer what is needed in this time of crisis?

    In Milford, Connecticut, for example, where entire expanses of beach homes have been destroyed by the storm, one family member reports to us that FEMA and the Red Cross were nowhere to be seen. What she did see, however, were “dozens of people in yellow vests helping to gather up all the debris that residents were putting out in the road.” Our observer tells us that these individuals assisted homeowners in clean-up, helping to load town trucks to remove destroyed decks, furniture, siding, and other debris.

    Recalling that she saw the same group of people “in yellow vests” helping out after Hurricane Irene last year, she later discovered that the helpers were Mormon Helping Hands volunteers.
    The Mormon volunteers consisted of both adults and older children. Our observer tells us that what she noticed about this group is that they were “friendly, very busy, and, yet, unobtrusive.” She comments, “They didn’t get in the way of us getting our cleanup done, but they really helped the overall effort of getting the streets cleaned up.”

    "If anyone wonders how people will survive without big government, they need look no further than our beach in Milford. The residents put their heads down and worked, and the Mormon Helping Hands volunteers chipped in big time,” she states.
    Let’s thank and give credit due to all private individuals, church, and community groups that are helping those in need in practical, labor-intensive ways. This is the idea that is America in action.
  2. Yep, Mormons are like in what, two state with a combined EC of 10? California will erase the entire Mountain West.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    You dont realise how little people it takes to reach an entire city. The firm I worked with when i was doing door to door sales could burn through a city of a million people with 100-200 salesmen, within 2-3 weeks.

    You dont believe that there is atleast 200-300 mormons per million people out there?

    1 person can knock on 4-500 doors in a 9-12 hour shift.
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    Well, I think we are pretty sure the Mormon Harry Reid won't be knocking on any doors for Romney. :D
  5. Max, Tsing put up this neat widget from the NYT that shows that Mittens has a huuuuge mountain to climb. He needs to win Ohio AND Florida just to make it a horse race.
  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    I already said, based on polling, I dont think Romney will win, i was merely pointing out an underground ground game which could be out there right now, which could be unaccounted for in the polls.